Backwash control

Advantages at a glance:

  • Control for time and pressure dependent automatic backwash.
  • Patented quick-fit mounting - allowing almost all 1 1/2″ and 2″ 6-way valves to be used.
  • Membrane keypad with LCD display with plain text display.
  • Diagnostic plug for osf service terminal

The EUROTRONIK-10 is a high-quality backwash control in microprocessor technology with membrane keypad and LCD display with plain text display.

The patented quick mounting system allows the backwash control to be mounted on a 6-way valve in just a few steps.

Various 1 1/2" and 2" valves of the well-known European manufacturers can be automated with the EUROTRONIK-10. A special adapter is required for the Astral 2" valve. Valves with bayonet fitting cannot be used.

The backwash and clear rinse process can be initiated by the integrated timer or by pressing the corresponding button. In addition, the control can be connected to a pressure switch. When the set pressure is exceeded, this initiates the rinsing process.

Pressing the corresponding key is sufficient to move the valve to the "closed" position. This valve position facilitates cleaning of the pre-filter.

By connecting a motorized ball valve, the water can be taken directly from the floor drain during backwashing.

A backwash pump or a blower to increase the flushing volume can also be controlled by the EUROTRONIK.

The EUROTRONIK-10 is suitable for connection to all osf controls of the series "POOL-Control" and "Whirlpool-Control".


Connection options

  • Backwash pump
  • pressure switch
  • 2-way ball valve (withdrawal of the backwash water from the basin)