POOL-Control-400-smart with Internet-Connection and touchscreen

New swimming pool control unit with touchscreen and Internet connection for a 400V/50Hz filter pump and electronic motor protection (0-8A).
This control unit is the modern alterative to the established PC-400-ES model. It is just as easy to operate and provides all the same functions.
Rather than relying on an analog time switch as in the PC-400-ES, this control unit can keep running on several days of reserve power.
The touchscreen and its user-friendly interface are designed for simple operation of the control unit. All the main parameters are displayed clearly on the screen. The electronic temperature control system provides precise regulation of the pool water temperature. The unit comes with a temperature sensor fitted with 1.5 m lead.
The unit includes a built-in web server with LAN port for connecting to the Internet, a building automation system or a computer network.

Item no. 310.000.1400