POOL-Control-45 exclusiv with 7" Touch Screen

Swimming pool control with internet connection

The configurable swimming pool control is suitable for the control of filter pumps with speed control, as well as unregulated 230V and 400V pumps.

In combination with the -controllers of the Pool-Control.plus family, functions can be extended modularly. Other functions include control of additional filter systems, control of attractions, control of pool covers and control of colored light systems.

The built-in web server with LAN connection enables connection to the Internet, to the building control system and to a computer network. In the event of a malfunction, it independently sends e-mails.
In ECO mode, the water level can be lowered by means of a floor drain valve, the speed of a frequency-controlled pump can be reduced and the water temperature can be lowered. This mode can be activated time-dependently by means of a timer, manually by pressing a button and automatically by the pool cover.

The built-in level control can be used for swimming pools with overflow channel and for skimmer pools. It also includes time monitoring with forced shut-off of the solenoid valve. By connecting our solar temperature sensor, the solar control is automatically activated. The control unit has both potential-free and 230V connection terminals for dosing technology and heating. By connecting our air temperature sensor, the frost protection function is automatically activated.

An electronic motor protection and a connection possibility for our backwash control EUROTRONIK-10 are available. Furthermore, backwashing can also be realized with bar valves.

Item no. 310.000.0580