Skimmer control

Level skimmer controls

The water level control is suitable for use in swimming pools and whirlpools.

The special swimming pool water-resistant sensor determines the water level exactly without the live electronics coming into contact with water. Electrolyte formation on the sensor is therefore impossible. It is mounted on the holding rail and installed in the skimmer.

The time delay prevents unnecessary switching operations in the event of wave movements. The standard overflow protection with fault light switches off the solenoid valve if the time is exceeded.

All electronic components are on a printed circuit board located in a protected plastic housing.

Small, compact plastic housing with built-in cable glands.


The cable is shielded and can be extended up to 10 m.

Housing dimensions: 140 x 100 x 67 mm. Protection class: IP 40

Skimmer control

Incl. capacitive sensor system SK-1 and mounting rail. Cable length: 3 m.

With solenoid valve G 1/2”, 230 V
Article No. 313.000.0075

Without solenoid valve
Article No. 313.000.0071

Skimmer control (KF-3) for plastic material.

Incl. capacitive contact sensor KF-3. Cable length: 2.5 m.

With solenoid valve G 1/2", 230 V
Article No. 313.000.0074

Without solenoid valve
Article No. 313.000.0072