NR-12-TRS-3 water level control system with water level indicator

Electronic level control for swimming pools with overflow channel

Level control with graphic water level display for swimming pools and whirlpools with overflow channel. In addition to water level control, the control also provides dry run protection and forced start of the filter pump.
To determine the water level, 5 or 6 stainless steel electrodes are suspended in the collection tank and connected to the control unit. These hanging electrodes have different colored leads and are available in two stainless steel qualities. The 6th electrode (terminal 9) enables the independent switching on of the forced switching on and water replenishment operating modes.

For outdoor swimming pools, where large amounts of rain raise the water level considerably, this -control system can start the backwash of a EUROTRONIK-10 and thus reduce the amount of water.

Art. No.: 303.000.0023