Filter control POOL-Control-250

Connectable pump

  • 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A)
  • 400V-three-phase AC pump ( ampacity 8A)

Variable speed pumps may not be connected.

For a 1- or 3-phase power supply.


With the variable motor protection for the filter pump (0 – 8 A), backwash control for 2 hydraulic valves (backwash, rinse), info button and multi language support.

  • Built-in operation time counter for the filter pump, heating and solar heating. Event counter for the backwash operation
  • Malfunction diagnostics with error messages
  • Alternatively 400V (400V pump) or 230V (230 V pump) power supply
  • Electronic motor protection for the pump (0 bis 8 A)
  • Possible connection of the Eurotronik-10, level control NR-12-TRS-2, pump remote switch, motorized pool cover, safety temperature limitation
  • 230V output and potential free terminals for the heating
  • Temperatue regulation 0°C – 40°C
  • Connector for the servie terminal
  • Extra operation time for the filter pump may be activated as a special function (protection of the heating)
  • Transparent protection front lid

Item no. 310.000.0440