F-220 with cables

Connectable pump

  • 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A)

Variable speed pumps may only be connected if they have an effective current limitation and for frequent switching on and off of the mains voltage suitable .

For a 1-phase 230V power supply.

Compact inexpensive filter control panel in a grey plastic housing. With analog timer, on/off switch und manual/automatic switch. Very simple operation.

  • Housing: 165 x 100 x 80 mm
  • For 230 V filter pumps
  • Analog switch timer
  • Manual and automatic mode
  • On/Off switch

Item no. 309.000.0600

F-220 with cable set 

As before, but with 2 connection lines. The power cord is 2 m long and fitted with a Schuko plug. The pump cable is also 2 m long and equipped with wire end sleeves.