WATERFRIEND exclusiv (MRD-3) with internet access

Innovative measuring and control system for chlorine, pH and redox.

The WATERFRIEND-3 exclusiv dosing system is a further developed version of the successful WATERFRIEND exclusiv (MRD-2) system and consistently implements the latest findings in modern control technology. It includes a color touch-screen monitor with graphical user interface and user-friendly menu navigation, as well as a web server.



The osf webserver enables simple connection to a computer, a computer network and the Internet. This makes convenient and safe control of swimming pool equipment possible from almost any location in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you use a computer, a Tablet PC, whether you are working with WLAN or you prefer to use your smartphone. Multi-stage password protection offers the swimming pool owner the best possible protection of his expensive equipment. If there should be a fault, the “Waterfriend exclusic” automatically sends an e-mail to inform the recipient about the current situation. The control system also saves an operation log which can be read out directly on the device or via the Internet. This log can be called up in different formats so that it can be further processed on the PC.


This trend-setting technology allows access to the dosing system via internet, computer or smartphone.

The package consists of:

  • Measuring and control unit MRD-3 (plastic housing for wall mounting)
  • Chlorine sensor (amperometric measuring cell)
  • 2 electrodes (combination electrodes), each with RGB color light and color change
  • 1 flow rate meter
  • 2 dosing pumps (max. 10 l/h) with speed-controlled motors
  • 2 suction lances, complete with float switch
  • Illuminated osf flow assembly (transparent) with informative color change for calibration
  • 2 injection valves made of PTFE
  • 3 verschiedene Pufferlösungen (50 ml)
  • Measuring water hose,10 m
  • Dosing and suction hose, 5 m each
  • 2 sample water taps
  • 1 measuring cup
  • Connecting and fastening material

The high-quality and powerful metering pumps are driven by speed-controlled stepper motors. The flow rate can thus be adjusted within a range of 0 to 10 liters per hour. The WATERFRIEND exclusiv system is available with 2 or with 3 metering pumps. This intelligent speed control enables versatile application possibilities and adaptation to different pool sizes, water temperatures and usage profiles of the swimming pool or whirlpool systems.

  • WATERFRIEND exclusiv with 2 metering pumps - Art. No. 310.000.0840
  • WATERFRIEND exclusiv with 3 metering pumps - Art. No. 310.000.0860