Filter control PC-230-ES

Connectable pump

  • 230V-AC pump (ampacity to 8A)

Variable speed pumps may only be connected if they have an effective current limitation and for frequent switching on and off of the mains voltage suitable .

For a 1-phase power supply.

Electronic swimming pool control unit with temperature regulation for 1N 230 V 50 Hz filter pumps.

  • Housing: 220 x 220 x 100 mm, Protection class IP40
  • Rotating switch knob Off/Automatic/Manual
  • Pilot lights for filter operation, heating, malfunction messages
  • Connections: backwash control unit, compensation tank control unit, water treatment system, heating, light
  • Temperature sensor with 1,5 m cable

This control unit features a modern printed circuit board in a shatter resistant plastic housing. Practical transparent lid for the front side protects the control elements.

PC-230-ES is equipped with potential free terminals for a water treatment system. The chemistry dosing system may be switched into a “stand by” mode or only the dosing pumps may be turned on.

The integrated synchronized analog switch timer ensures the reliable time-controlled filter unit operation. This analog switch timer may be replaced with a digital switch timer with the operation time reserve. Two pilot lights for the filter or heating operation are also built in the front panel.

The electronic temperature regulation system precisely controls the water temperature of the swimming pool. The heating may be switched on/off with the rotating switch knob in the front panel. Included in the delivery is the temperature sensor (standard type) with 1,5 m cable.

The rotating switch knob allows to switch the filter unit into the continuous operation, automatic (time-dependant) operation or to switch it off. The separated terminal compartment provides the conventient access to all terminals and a separate ground terminal. Cable tightening holders allow to secure the wiring cable in the compartment. The wiring diagram is placed on the insider of the terminal compartment.

PC-230-EH provides the direct connection possibility with our popular backwash control unit EUROTRONIK-10 and the VDE-approved compensation tank control unit NR-12-TRS-2. The control unit is approved and complies with the current EU regulations.

Item no. 300.270.0110