Filter control POOL-Control-45 exclusiv with Internet-Connection

External smart touch control panel (flush-mounted)

Connection options

The flush-mounted -control panel enables the remote control of important functions of the following -controls

  • -Filter-, backwash control, PC-45 exclusiv.
  • -Whirlpool-Combination
  • -Dosing control WATERFRIEND MRD-1, MRD-2 or MRD-3.
  • -RGB Lighting controller Color-Control.NET with 3 Attractions and
  • -Attraction control for 6 attractions and «».
  • -Pool-cover controller
  • -Steamgenerator Silver-Steam, as of 2015

Item no. 310.000.0700

Remote display with graphic display and changing display.


This universally configurable external touch panel smart offers a variety of displays in one device and is therefore the optimal remote display. Depending on the configuration, one, two or three values are displayed simultaneously on the color monitor. In addition, the display changes at presettable time intervals.

The respective data is transferred from the connected - controllers via LAN or -bus. When connected to the - bus, the smart external touch panel also displays any error messages from the - controllers, for example empty canisters in the dosing system.

The external touch control smart offers you the possibility to monitor the swimming pool values comfortably from the swimming pool hall. It also offers you the possibility to adjust the water temperature comfortably from the swimming pool hall or also to start the attractions.